Exciting News!

A Realm of Seers and Shifters, Book 1 of my Trial of Kingdoms epic fantasy series,
is now available on Amazon Kindle for only $0.99! It is also free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Within the next week or so, I will be hosting a LIVE event where attendees will be
entered to win a free signed copy of the paperback! Stay tuned for details!

Demons and Damsels, A Trial of Kingdoms Novelette and book 1.5 in the series, is now available for preorder on Amazon! Reserve your copy now!

This book will be relseased on 31 May 2023.

A Tribe of Dragons and Dreamers, A Trial of Kingdoms book 2, is also available for preorder on Amazon! Reserve your copy now!

This book will be released
30 June 2023

As you can see from the top of the page, my new author logos are ready! I’m very happy with them, and I’ll be updating all my socials with them soon.

My new series logo is also ready, as you can see below.

The New Series Logo for my Rebranded Series is Ready!

Work on my second series, Dragon Flightmasters, continues but has been delayed due to these changes. Sign up for my newsletter for updates as they happen.

I’m very happy to share these exciting updates with you, so stay tuned!


A Carousel of Characters and Creatures in A Realm of Seers and Shifters

Coming Soon:
Dragon Flightmasters Epic Fantasy Novels

Dragon Flightmasters Series


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The Guardians of Eastgate by Sherry Leclerc, is a classic fantasy tale. Maelona Sima is one of four champions of the race named seers. As a champion Maelona is tasked with protecting one of the four keystones that protect the realm of Sterrenvar from evil. When an evil sorcerer rises up, seeking to enslave the peoples of Sterrenvar, Maelona at the keystone at Eastgate is the first line of defense. But will the prejudice and oppression against the seer people work against her? Maelona teams up with a human prince, Gareth, and a wolf shapeshifter, Blaez, but the question remains, will it all be enough to stave off this tide of darkness?

Leclerc’s book is a fantastic fantasy novel accented with the inevitable threat of evil and darkness confronted by a ragtag group of “heroines and heroes”. Since this is the first book in a series there is a sense that there is plenty more story to come. There is something for everyone though, between world building, action and romance between Maelona and Blaez.”

~Literary Titan (Praise for the first edition – excerpt)

This was an excellent first book from new author, Sherry Leclerc. I was enthralled in the realm of Eastgate as we take a quest with Maelona, strong and beautiful, and her shifter guardian, also strong and passionate. The detail is wonderful as the author describes the story (with elements of mystery, courage and love). I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. I particularly loved the addition of the various rhymes and chants, the author’s storytelling is reminiscent of the epic novels by JRR Tolkien….you get lost in the world, for a little while, and it’s fantastic!

~Amazon.ca Reviewer

This is reminiscent, for me, of the depth of lore found in well-developed series like Dungeon’s and Dragons, or The Lord of the Rings series.”

The Dragon Shifters at Southgate: Book 2 of The Seers Series is a creative piece of literature with an action-packed plot and well-developed characters in a world with a rich backstory. This book has an enthralling story line that constantly hints at something larger. The author’s writing style is simple, making it easily accessible by anyone, and her way of narrating the story naturally capture’s the reader’s interest.”

~Literary Titan, Excerpt

OK…so let me just say that after reading the first book in the series, I could not wait to get my hands on the second. And it did not disappoint!!!!

The main character in the second installment was so strong, funny, feisty, and, dare I say, sexy.

The writing made me blush,at times…and I liked it!!!

Her back story was impelling! I love how it tied in with the backstory in the first installment. I have some theories on how this might pan out, but I will not share my thoughts…you must read and come up with your own theories..it could go so many ways!!!!

I am impatiently looking forward to the next book in the series.

~Amazon.ca Reviewer