The Art of The Art of Creating a Narrative Persona in Nonfiction

Narrative nonfiction is a term used to describe true stories written in novel format. Like any novel, narrative nonfiction books need, among other things, a strong story arc and a protagonist (or narrative persona) the readers can follow and relate to. In fact, as Kristina Stanley says in her article, What is Narrative Non-Fiction, “A clear… Continue reading The Art of The Art of Creating a Narrative Persona in Nonfiction

Man Versus the Supernatural

From ancient epic poems and Greek tragedies to more recent books, movies, and series, the man vs supernatural struggle in stories has been, and still is, very popular. From Odysseus to Beowulf, and Jurassic Park to The Vampire Diaries, and beyond, there is something about this type of conflict that calls to us on a deeper level.

Unreliable Narrator: Definition and Examples

As writers and editors, we all learn that using first person point of view or even third person limited/close point of view gets readers closer to the story, because they are experiencing things as if they are standing in that character’s shoes.

But what happens if that narrator—the character through whose eyes we experience the story—is unreliable? What if that character is a pathological liar or a master manipulator? What if they believe what they say, but their view of the world is skewed?

The Western Genre: Everything you Need to Know

Many people think that the western genre is dead: that it ended with stories like Shane, Wyatt Earp, and Gunfight at the OK Corral. And it is true that the time when the American frontier was expanding west is no longer commonly seen in stories.

So, you may be surprised to know that the western genre is still alive and kicking.

How to Write a Single Protagonist Synopsis

A synopsis is one of those things that authors—especially those who plan to query agents and publishers—need, but usually hate to write. But learning how to write a book synopsis is something that is worth the time and attention you invest.

Author Tools: Fictionary StoryTeller for Self-Editing

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