Short Story Collection: The Guardians of Sterrenvar

*Posted in its original form on 18 November 2017. This post has been updated to reflect any changes that have occured since.

Hello all!

Here is the updated cover for my short story collection, The Guardians of Sterrenvar. This short story collection is being offered as a free gift, a thank-you really, for anyone who signs up for my mailing list.

The short story collection will not be published for sale until it is complete. It currently contains two stories, The Seer and the Prince and Light to Darkness, and is around 10,000 words. I plan to write a short story for the protagonist of each of the books in the series, plus one or two other special characters you will get to meet once I have the time to get them down on paper and published. So many ideas, so little timeā€¦

*Update: I have written a third short story, originally for a dark fantasy anthology with some other authors, which has since been cancelled. I will update the free ebook with this story soon. If you are a member of my mailing list and have a copy of the original with two short stories, you can contact me and I will forward you the updated version once it is ready.

Spoiler alert! This new short story takes place immediately AFTER the events in the first book of the Seers Series, The Guardians of Eastgate. Therefore, to avoid any spoilers, this story is best read after you have read the novel.

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Thanks for reading!

Sherry Leclerc